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minalism social media manager california minali liyanage




From the luscious green suburbs of London to the tropical greenery of Sri Lanka, I’ve been privileged to grow up in not one, but two countries. Having a strong sense of multiculturalism and travel, my wanderlust led me to Hong Kong and Thailand for 8 years, where I was known to walk around with a camera, sketch pad, and a spray can or two! Life led me to the USA, where I currently reside in the hills of California.


People describe me as a social butterfly, with my friendly nature and passion for connection. Never turning down an honest job, I have worked and volunteered in all kinds of roles. And if you’re lucky, you may even hear me geeking out about my scientific roots in Molecular Biology.

Through life experiences and a natural knack for communication, I found my calling in Social Media Marketing, becoming an addict for the psychology of people’s behavior online. Throwing into the mix,

my love for art and photography, I have had the pleasure of creating and innovating with some of the

best marketers around, and am looking forward to meeting more like-minded individuals.





minalism is a brand concept that I created a few years ago, with the intention of using it as personal branding for my own photography and creative projects. It was a very natural choice as it embodies the way I approach most things in life, with simplicity and individuality. With a strong sense of being and a flair for creativity and character, I have learned the art of deeper and meaningful communication, enabling a more positive and true connection with my chosen audiences.    





Writing has always been a kind of therapy for me, for as long as I can remember. I love how writing challenges the limitations of speech, tapping into the subconscious using the intangible eye of thought. How words can be far more than what they appear to be, not mere shapes of a chosen font style; they carry emotion, depth, body, and life itself. Connecting every word to the next, painting a chain of events in the reader’s mind.


I use words to leave an invisible trail of crumbs, leading the reader into a story, and an imagination they never knew they had. Each collocation feeding the story, formulating color and depth as the reader continues down their visual journey.

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